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This manufacturing company was established in 1982 and has built a strong reputation in the fabric protection industry for formulating high quality products ahead of their time in performance and technology. The company owns 4 federal trademark names and formulas in niche markets of high performance and creditability as to be in position to replace any existing like products in the market and fill a void in this multi-billon dollar industry. This is a revolutionary product that’s time has come! This company manufactures a scientific uniquely formulated fabric protector for man-made and natural fibers. It also works on rugs, carpet, jute, sea grass and straw. It is also successful with suede, porous leathers, and silk and other apparel fabrics. These quintessential products have a 24 year successful track record on national TV and advertisements in major magazines since 1984. It has the #1 product from the state of Georgia and # 4 nationally on major home shopping network! The company’s products are all environmentally safe and non-toxic. They do not contain any harmful properties recently found in major brands of fabric protectors on the market today. Their products have been formulated for porous and non-porous fibers (man-made and natural fibers). One product is for apparel industry: leather, suede, silk, cotton, polyester, and wool. Another product is for the home furnishing market: rugs, carpet and fabric furniture, also for jute, hemp, sea grass, sisal, straw and exotic skins and wall covering. Another product for the laundry industry: A laundry additive used to enhance clean ability of fabrics used in the last rinse cycle of laundry cycles. Another product for industrial high volume use on runways, concrete, bridges, asphalt and on airplane wings to enhance de-icing. It is a product that will be used by not only the homeowner but in every industry. International clients rave about the product in China and India and many more countries are waiting to receive this fine product.