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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How can I test my carpet and fabric to determine if it has been treated with a "Fluorocarbon" formulation protection?
A:You can test by taking a teaspoon of olive oil and drop onto the back side of the skirt of your sofa or chair or a non-conspicuous place on your rugs and carpet. If it beads up then most likely, it has been treated with a "fluorocarbon" based protector. You can apply Vectra® over them and Vectra® will lock them in so they do not release into your home environment or transfer into your skin or that of your pets.

Q: Is Vectra something like Scotchguard®?
A: [Although VECTRA® 22 and Scotchgard® are both protectors, VECTRA® 22 works by deeply penetrating the molecule of the fiber where staining occurs thereby providing durable protection against tough stains. It is not a temporary surface (topical) coating.

Q: Does VECTRA® 22 keep my furniture and carpet from getting dirty?
A: No product will prevent soiling.  However, VECTRA® 22 will protect your fabrics and carpets against PERMANENT STAINS--GREASE, WINE, WATER, and even PET STAINS.

Q: Do I need special cleaners?
A: Unlike most protection products, VECTRA® 22 is formulated with durable agents allowing most spots or soil to be removed with simple household cleaners such as mild detergent and water on a dampened towel gently blotted. Remember that if you have a problem, we are only a Toll Free call away for help. (Note different fabric textures, fiber composition and the element causing the spot determine the proper cleaning method.)