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Does VECTRA®16 keep my clothing and suedes from getting dirty?

No product will prevent soiling however VECTRA® 16 will protect your fabrics and carpets against PERMANENT STAINS--GREASE, WINE, WATER, even FOOD.

Do I need special cleaners? NO!

Unlike most protection products VECTRA®16 acts as a cleaner when sprayed on a dry cloth--allow a few minutes of time for the VECTRA®16 to dry to a semidry state on the cloth--then gently blot with the cloth. NEVER work with VECTRA®16 wet on your cloth as it will ring. Remember that if you have a problem we are only a Toll Free away for help. (Note different fabric textures, composition and the element causing the spot determine the proper cleaning method.)

How long will VECTRA®16 last?

VECTRA®16 will give you years of quality protection for normal wear and will withstand several cleaning cycles. (Note: Heavy use and frequent cleaning will slightly reduce the lifespan of the product.)

Why is VECTRA®16 the best protection for your clothing?

VECTRA®16 and porous leather with it's penetrating protection.

VECTRA®16 gives you the ability to maintain the luxurious new look of your clothing (Note--VECTRA®16 is recommended for new items, however, it can be used on older items after cleaning with slightly less dramatic results.)

VECTRA®16 penetrates your fibers to keep liquids and solids from creating stains and give you positive cleaning results.

VECTRA®16 increases the life and durability of all fibers by preventing dirt from penetrating the molecule of the fiber which can cause soil build-up and accelerate wear of your apparel, resulting in greater cleanability.

For the life of your fabrics...VECTRA-IZE®