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Bulk Container 

Vectra Protector is now available to Carpet cleaners online. We now offer a 5-Gallon unit of Vectra Protector. It's non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Please read the Reasons for using Vectra.

You can now order the 5-gallon drum online.  It's Item J in our shopping Cart. Click here to order

Reasons for using our product  

1) No franchise fee or royalties

2) Use your own label for the product

3) Buy direct from the manufacturer

4) Does not contain PFOA's known as C8 or Fluorocarbons - See Related Document

5) You can apply the product immediately after cleaning.  It does not have to be totally dry to apply on carpets, rugs and furniture

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Rate of Coverage: 5000-6000 sq. feet of rugs and carpet or 50-70 pieces of furniture-sofas and arm chairs.

Great Profit Margins!

Get Started with Vectra and be ahead of the pack as change is coming!