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October 19, 2016 - Vectra® is now available online at (online only not in stores)

Vectra® is now available on

Vectra 35 water and moisture inhibitor for mildew and mold is now available
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Our product contains Fluoro-Lok® (Protector) properties to stabilize-bond and seal these fluorocarbons pretreated fabrics and still retain soil and stain protection on fibers and fabrics.  Fluoro-Lok® is a proprietary chemical bonding sealing and micro encapsulation treatment designed to inhibit fluorocarbons from releasing during cleaning or transferring off into the skin from fibers and fabrics.

Fluoro-Lok® will still retain soil and stain resisting properties, even after cleaning
Fluoro-Lok® is a registered trademark of Vectra Enterprises, Inc.

FLASH!!! California Residents:
We now have a formula that meets California VOC standards for fabric protection