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  1. Fundamentals of Vectra:
    1. A STAIN is permanent
    2. A SPOT can be released

  2. Not all liquids will roll off of fabrics because loose woven fabrics have air pockets, but liquids can be released with proper cleaning methods for POSITIVE RESULTS.
  3. What Vectra does and does not do:
    1. Vectra does not eliminate cleaning and in some cases professional cleaning is needed.
    2. Vectra products enhances the clean-ability of fabrics and carpets for positive results.
    3. Vectra products locks out stains.
    4. Vectra products do not coat the air pockets of some fabrics.
    5. Hot substances such as hot coffee will go around loose woven fabrics fibers, but not inside the fiber where the stain occurs, thereby protecting the fiber from a possible stain.
    6. Vectra does all this protection, while not changing the texture, feel, color or appearance of the fabric whether it is Sisal or Silk or any textile materials.
    7. Vectra also increases the tensile strength of the fibers which increases the life of fabric and wearability.